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Spy Ring

Home of the Culper Spy Ring

Brewster House

Raise a mug of cider inside the Brewster House- a colonial home, tavern and inn in East Setauket- the birthplace of the Culper Spy Ring, and American espionage. During the American Revolution, General George Washington created the Culper Spy Ring, a secretive network of spies who together cooperated to pass messages to him about British troop movements in New York City and Long Island. For many historians, these messages proved to mean the difference between winning and losing the war. 

The Brewster House in Setauket.
The Culper Code Book was used by the Culper spy ring to send coded messages to George Washington's headquarters during the Revolutionary War.

You can experience authentic food and drinks at the historic Brewster House, 1665, home to Joseph Brewster (1765-1818) cousin of Culper Spy Ring member, Caleb Brewster. Travel back in time and experience life inside the “tavern!” Wearing authentic period dress, a colonial cooking expert will lead an open-hearth cooking demonstration of delicious meat, sauces and pie dishes. Food is paired with wine or a selection of craft beer including the original recipe for “Small Beer” created by President George Washington.  

OPTIONAL add on: George Washingtons spy letters

See original spy letters of George Washington located in the Special Collection Archive at Frank Melville Memorial Library, Stony Brook University.  These extraordinary letters will be taken from the vault for clients to see. Net Rates Available.

George Washington's spy letters.


Ernst Marine Conservation Center


Dive into food, water and fun at the Ernst Marine Conservation Center, located in the heart of an 88-acre wetland preserve. The Discovery Wetlands Cruise, a 27-passenger pontoon boat through the sweeping vistas of West Meadow Creek’s marsh pontoon preserve, will drop them off to the center.

Doctor Thompson House


Experience the best and richest of American culture in Setauket - Doctor Thompson House. . American Patriot, Farmer and Physician, Doctor Thompson was a prestigious member of the Setauket community, who treated many residents. Accompanied by a medical historian, your clients will receive a private tour of the Thompson House and its collections with the “Milestones of Medical History Walk.”

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